The number of Icelandic pelagic vessels going to Faroese fishing gear supplier Vónin for their gear continues, with the eighth Icelandic customer for one of Vónin’s Capto trawls calling in yesterday.

Pelagic vessel Bjarni Ólafsson called at Fuglafjørður in the Faroe Islands where Vónin has its pelagic gear workshops, to collect a new 2304 metre Capto trawl. Skipper Runólfur Runólfsson and his crew had just finished a better than expected capelin season and were switching to blue whiting, taking the opportunity to call in on Vónin to pick up their new gear before steaming south to waters west of Ireland to join in the blue whiting fishery.

Bjarni Ólafsson took a 2304 metre Capto trawl, the preferred size for vessels with more than 5500hp engines, combining robust hamdling qualities with being light to tow.

According to Vónin, Bjarni Ólafsson is the eighth Icelandic vessel to order a Capto trawl and with Faroese, Norwegian, UK and Danish pelagic vessels already fishing for blue whiting, there are more than thirty Vónin Capto trawls already fishing west of Ireland this year.

Source: Vónin