Jennah D's trawl full of discarded seine rope

The rope piled on the quay at Shoreham

And the bill for disposal..

A Shoreham trawler had the back luck to pick up a pile of discarded seine rope on fishing grounds south of Shoreham, which brought that trip to a premature end.

According to Jennah Dís skipper Brian Davey, the pile of worn-out seine rope weighed in at more than two tonnes, and there was no option but to steam home to sort out the mess. To add insult to injury, the 4-stranded, 40mm rope could not be recycled and there was a £1000 bill for it to be disposed of, on top of the two lost fishing days spent dealing with the mess on the quay.

The seine rope is believed to have been discarded by one of the many seine netters operating in the Channel, but so far nobody has owned up to dropping a full set of 40mm seine rope on what should have been clear trawl ground.

Source: Fiskerforum