Looking to update my records so need to check some details! Have there been three Scottish pelagic vessels named Quantus? - Quantus (1) built 1979 N-334, 89-96 PD-379, sold to Iceland 1996 as Ellidi.
Quantus (2) built 1997 PD-379, sold ? and re-named Krossfjord
Quantus (3) built 2008 PD-379 and still fishing as Quantus.
Am I correct with the above and if so is there pictures on this site of both Quantus 1 and 2. Sorry to ask a seemingly stupid question as I know there's a lot of Quantus pics online but I just want to make sure I have this right! Looking at the two pics of Quantus (1) in the splendid Purse Seiners book (S.Henderson & P.Drummond) this vessel looks very different from the pics online of red hulled Quantus as N-334. I know she was later lengthened but did she get a new wheelhouse as well?
Maybe I have this all wrong but hopefully there's plenty of experts on here to correct me - many thanks!!