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    Thank you for a warm welcome.

    Jim McCreadie
    God's Country

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    Default Bf510 - Sunshine

    Pursuant to my previous entries, I believe "Sunshine" may have been a Zulu. Any Zulu photos on the site?

    Jim McCreadie

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    Hi JIM, If you want to know about zulus, the man you need is Macflett, his forefathers built them in Banffshire, and he has a very good web-site about old boatbuilders, better not say too much about east coast teams because he is in QLD.

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    Hello Jim no i am not related to the Murrays? i have Family tree members in Saltcoats way back Sea Captains and around Ayrshire. i saw this link up on a few boards and i was looking for info many thanks Mark.

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    Thanks Mark. Are you related to the Saltcoats REIDs; another "fishing" family of the same era with their own boats?


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    Thanks for the thumbs up on the website George. I get a bit of new info filtering in, that may otherwise have been lost, which is pretty satisfying. A possible new bit of info -

    As many people are aware, the bible of the sailing drifter era is 'Sailing Drifters' by Edgar March. Quite a lot of info re zulus & scaffies, came from a William McIntosh, whose obit can be read here

    Apparently Edgar March sent him a copy which is now in the possession of his grandson Ian McIntosh. This copy has quite a few handwritten notes in the margins, which may make for some interesting reading. I haven't managed to check it out yet.

    And George - when it comes to Aussie Rules sides, I'm for the west coast sides like Jim. I was brought up in rugby league country, and was not introduced to Aussie Rules until I lived in the west in the late 70's and early 80's.

    Also I pointed out to Jim that I doubt SUNSHINE was a zulu, and as Davie posted earlier on this thread.

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