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    I am having difficulty accessing the EU fleet register. No matter what I ask it about it just comes up with 'no data found'. I have tried taking down my firewalls etc but that hasn't made any difference. Can anyone help me with this please?

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    Working OK for me Douglas. Maybe worth trying a different browser. I use Chrome.

    Just a thought Douglas, I looked at the website you linked to above & it seems to be all older vessels. If your looking for that sort of thing in the fleet register it won't show anything prior to 1989. Any records older than that are with local records offices.
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    Thanks Martin. I have tried a different browser including Chrome but still just get the same result. I've emailed the EU people for advice.
    The website referred to is mine. You are right, it basically covers 1869 to 1989, the period of the UK registers but occasionally I need info post 1989 including current stuff to get details of boats I see on my travels or to answer queries relating to that period.

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