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    I have old ledgers from our shop dating from1919-25. Alot of the boats in them are Scottish. If by any chance you know who owned them, Please let me know. Regards -William Power
    The following are in the Agents section of the ledgers meaning they are Scottish/English or Welsh.

    Wizard Fr 75?
    Willing Lad
    andrew West
    Boy Willie PD 87
    Nellie or Willie FR 97
    Light FR 260
    Lauelia? Wk127
    Gull B38
    Mary Joseph N55
    Morning Star- Scottish
    Lode Star
    Direct Me PD 50
    Protect Me PD 157
    Sweet Promise PD ?
    Peace and Plenty
    James Parical?
    Thrive BF 1461
    Annie Cummins Fr456
    deligent BF?
    childrens Friend
    Alert PD131
    golden Feather Fr11
    provider BK?
    Prince Albert
    Acquisition FR
    Bitl-Blae? INS357
    pre-Eminent? INS55
    Gleniere? FR 479 /Glenugie
    Ocean Star PD or Fr
    Verbena FR?
    silver King
    light Fr 260?
    Mary Sanders
    water Lilly
    Admiration Ins 99
    Ellen constance
    I know these are from over 80 years ago but some one may know!
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    Default Mary Joseph n55

    MARY JOSEPH N55 wass a Co. Down fishing lugger, built by William Paynter of Kilkeel in 1877 for Patrick Collins of Kilkeel. She is basically a double-ended mackerel driver. In Ireland and Isle of Man craft these were called 'nickeys' or 'nickies'. Originally lug rigged she was motorised in 1920. Built 1877 by William Paynter, Kilkeel. She is currently in the ulster transport museum

    For Photos look at link


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    Thanks. i have a pic of her somewhere on this site! i can scan their ledgers for them if they want!

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    Silver King was a Yarmoth boat. Her bow name plate is in the museum in Lowestoft.
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    Default Old Boats

    You'll find boats from that era with some of these names on my website www.fishingboatheritage.com
    The website is still at an early stage so I'll check other sources I have for the remaining ones but it'll take a few days.

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    Default Old Boats

    Boy Willie PD 87 Steam Drifter John Mitchell and AS Buchan
    Nellie FR 97 Steam Drifter
    Light FR 260 Steam Drifter R Tait St Combs
    Laurelia WK 127 Steam Drifter
    Morning Star.............at least three steam drifters BF 625, PD 135, FR 327
    Direct Me PD 50 Steam Drifter James Milne & others
    Protect Me PD 517 Steam Drifter Alex Duthie & Others
    Pioneer PD 54
    Thrive BF 1461 Buckie steam drifter West Country Fishing and Curing Syndicate
    Annie Cummine FR 536 Steam Drifter Bruce family St Combs
    Alert PD 131 Steam Drifter Scottish Steam Herring Co Ltd
    Golden Feather FR11 William Blackhall
    Provider...........cant find a BK but there is a PD motor boat PD 423
    Prince Albert Steam drifter INS 396 and then SY 157
    Pitblae INS 357 R Irvin & Sons Ltd
    Pre Eminent INS 55 Steam drifter
    Glenurie FR 479 steam drifter
    Verbena FR 425 motorised sailboat Geo Walker jnr
    Silver King LT 1034 Steam Drifter W H Peek
    Water Lily BF 1212 Steam Drifter
    Admiration INS 99 Steam Drifter
    Nugget (1903) AG 280 sail boat JDFletcher Ardrishaig.
    I'll put up the full detail on these boats on my website and go on looking for the others as time permits

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    Thanks for this Info. The web makes the world a smaller place! I must ask our local paper as well. They occassionally print a few pics of ships/boats in their"Days gone by section" If only I could find the Agents Book for Bloomfields but alas i would say its long gone.
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    I have a photo of Thrive BF1461 which was sunk by a mine on 19 February 1946.

    The following is a transcript of a newspaper article in the Glasgow Herald 20 February 1946 (page 5).

    Transcript of article is:


    "Clinging to the mast of their wrecked yawl, three survivors of the crew of the seine-net fishing boat, Thrive, of Cockenzie, were recued from the sea, 12 miles East of Bass Rock yesterday, after their vessel had been blown up by what is believed to have been a depth charge or mine. Two of the crew have been lost and the body of one has not yet been recovered.

    The victims were William Ross junior, son of the skipper and owner of the Thrive and James Thomson (59) of 6 Hawthornbank, Edinburgh Road, Cockenzie, a married man with a grown up family. Ross who was 32 and lived at 9 Gosford Road, Port Seton, was married with two of a family.

    The three survivors were;

    William Ross Senior (59) of 12 South Seton park, Port Seton, skipper and owner of the yawl;
    John Ross (23 or 28) another of his sons, whos home is at 6 West Lorimer Place, Cockenzie
    and Thomas Thomnson (54) of 12 North Seton Park, Port Seton. John Ross is a son in law of James Thomson.

    The Thrive, a 34ft yawl left harbour around 4.a.m yesterday for the fishing grounds and was operating twelve miles east of the Bass Rock.

    About midday, the crew drew in their seine net and found a grey cylinder in the net.They hurried to release the net, but before they accomplished that, there was an explosion that blew in the bow of the yawl. Water pured in from the f'cst'sl into the hold.

    There was no hope of stemming the inrush and the crew immediately lowered the mast flush with the deck. As the Thrive sank they went down with her.

    Almost 500 yards away, the crew of a St Monance fishing boat, the Girl Christian skippered by Thomas Gerrard, heard the explosion and saw the Thrive sink. They hastened to the spt and were in time to pick up the skipper, his son and Thomas Thomson who had come to the surface and succeeded in grasping the mast of the Thrive to keep themselves afloat.

    The body of James Thomson was recovered but although the St Monance vessel cruised around for some time, the crew saw no trace of the body of William Ross Jnr.

    The survivors suffering from exposure and shock, were taken to St Monance by their rescuers. Last night, they returned by train to from St Monance to Edinburgh where friends met them and took them to their homes.

    William Ross Junior was the eldest of of the six sons of the owner of the Thrive. Four of his brothers are at present on service, two in the Navy and two in the army, while he and his brother John had remained to help their father in the fishing.


    Info: Location of Wreck of Thrive: Latitude, Longitude 56.172929N, 2.336742W.


    See also: http://news.google.com/newspapers?ni...rontpage&hl=en

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    On further checking it appears that BF1461 was not the same Thrive LH34 which was sunk. LH34 was built in 1914 according to the following website.


    I came across the following website in my research which indicates that BF 1461 was owned (unverified) by a William Gardiner Wood of Portknockie Banffshire.
    The vessel was purchased at some time by either my grandmother's brother of her grandfather, both names Joseph Bowie and from Buckie. My grandfather William Ross of Cockenzie Port Seton or his father possibly, purchased her at some point. Attached is a photo of BF1461 which my brother in Canada provided me.


    If anyone has any information on either BF1461 and what happened to her or additional info or images of her or LH34 I'd be very appreciative.

    My grandfather Wm Ross of Cockenzie Port Seton also had vessels named Harmonious or Harmonous but I have no details re these. I understand there to have been at least two and possibly three with this name all registered Leith according to family info.
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    I'll scan the pages and post them for you

    Here are more Boats Names from the Ledger 1919-26
    St Anthony
    Ave Maria
    Arklow Defender
    Diligent BF 1138
    Berry Castle
    Golden Line
    Gennegarden Might be Gennie Gardiner
    St Gerard
    Hairim Skirim? very odd name indeed!
    Mary Ellen Gorman
    Ida Shannon
    Kindly Light
    Gull B38
    Morne Lass
    St Maus( writhing obscured)
    The Lady Nora
    St Patrick
    Sweet Promise
    Owen O'Donnell
    Bob Reid ( Could be Either the Skipper or a Boat by that name)
    Rover's Bell
    Henry Rodgers, Skipper from Howth, Well known Fishing Family in Ireland
    Slanes Castle
    Star Muirleigh?
    Margret Tyrell
    Ocean Star- Could be a Bloomfields boat
    Village Girl
    St Winifrid
    Water Lilly D 419
    St Bridget S 497
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