Security is being improved at Guernsey's Fish Quay after a series of thefts of scallops and other seafood.

Harbour master Capt Chad Murray said improved CCTV would be installed.

He said: "It's very disappointing people will stoop that low and attempt to take what is essentially the livelihood of our fishermen."

Fishermen first called for improved security in 2012 after thefts, and issue then considered in the harbour master plan.

The harbour is already patrolled 24 hours a day and some CCTV is in place, but the coverage in Fish Quay has been patchy.

Capt Murray said "lots of options" had been considered including gating Fish Quay, but that idea had proved unpopular.

"[Now] we're looking at installing a series of cameras to cover all the berths of the Fish Quay so we can see people coming on and off the pontoons, but also people approaching by sea," he said.

Installing the cameras would cost up to 10,000, he said.

Deputy Barry Paint, president of Guernsey Fishermen's Association, said it would hopefully end a problem that had been around for a number of years.

Guernsey Police are investigating the thefts, one of which occurred on the night of 1 December with 300 scallops worth about 200 taken.

Capt Murray said there were plans to invest 50,000 to upgrade the Fish Quay "to enhance the railing, land ties and facilities" where it "may have been neglected over the last few years".