Name of esbjerg trawler ?
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Thread: Name of esbjerg trawler ?

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    Default Name of esbjerg trawler ?

    Can anyone please identify the Danish trawler on this photograph, taken at Esbjerg on 23rd June 1983 ? The Fishing Number starts E.59.. but is then indistinct, although possibly E.5983.
    IMG_0013 (Large).jpg

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    Built1969 i D D R as
    HG291 Ida Pantos 69-73
    HG291 West-point 1973-81
    E593 Else M 1981-82
    E593 Lambanes1982-84
    HG291 Lambanes 1984-92 Broken up in Fredrikshavn

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    Dear Tryggo,
    I am sorry I have just seen your reply today, but want to thank you very much. This is ideal and lets me remove another photograph from my unidentified box. Thus thanks again and best wishes,

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