Hello to you all.

I'm a final year student at the University of Leeds, who as a young lad from North Shields; a fairly size-able port, is particularly interested in the fishing industry.

I'm currently gathering research for my dissertation the question being:

"How damaging has the Common Fisheries Policy and Total Allowable Catch regulation been on small scale fishing fleets and their communities in Northern England."

If any of you can help me. You must be a fishermen, but can be from ANYWHERE in the U.K. Could you please complete this survey, it will take no more than 5/10 minutes of your time, and given this is one of the first studies into this area; your contribution would be absolutely invaluable.

If you have any questions, i'm happy to discuss this on the thread of alternatively PM me!

Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JRTNWF6

Thank you all very much in advance,