Thanks to Steve Horsley, a collector of fishing boat photographs on Hartlepool Fish Quay, I have been loaned a set of his prints but need some information.

I don't know whether the boats in questions have been sold, scrapped or are still in service.

The names and numbers I have include Abbie Lee WY 211, BCK 303, Codonger Too FE21, Copious WY170, Crimond KY180, Deep Harmony IV WY478, Defiant WY219, Emulate II WY110, Excelsior WY485, FR500, Good Intent III FR79, Headway X WY319, Independence FR196, Janet Jensen GY421, Jennifer-Margaret WY304, John T. Graham HL69, Kristanjo WY794, Mary Ann WY779, Moray Lass WH167, N928, Nicola (can't make out the last part of her name) WY159, Our Heritage FR237, Our Lass WY797, Pride & Joy WY218, Resolution WY78, Scott Miller GY16 built in Denmark in 1939, Virtuous FR253 and WY261.

I'm sure many of our friends out there will have more information on the list above - or point me to a site to find these details.