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    August last year I was wandering around Newquay, camera in hand, and enjoying the wonderful sea views.
    In the distance out to sea was a vessel that was heading home to Newquay Harbour and was steaming directly towards me.
    I looked through my viewfinder and, by utilising the zoom capabilities, managed to compose a picture of the Three Jays.
    The composition was helped by my being stood on the cliff top overlooking Tolcarne Beach so getting a slightly elevated view of Three Jays compared the result if taken from the beach. I have posted the resulting photograph into the gallery of this site.
    Please leave a comment or two on the result, be it good or bad, as LONG RANGE Photography is a hobby of mine.
    Another Example of my long range photography to photograph Trevose Head while sitting n the fisherman's shelter above Newquay Harbour, a distance of about 10 (landlubber)miles.

    I shall be prowling in Newquay from 4/8/to/8/8 2014 and if there are any skippers who would like a similar shot taken of their pride and joy I would be only too happy to indulge in my hobby. I shall be opening a page on Facebook called Long Range Photography to display my pictures.

    Best Regards from a landlubber bus driver

    David Hulls
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