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    Default Acceptable use Guidlines for the Site

    This site operates a 2 strikes and your out system. If you break the sites rules you will be put on a Yellow card and warned to stick to the rules. This warning will last for a period of 3 months and if you break the rules again you will get a Red card and be suspended from the site for 14 days. If you decide to continue using the site after the 14 day suspension you must adhere to the rules as no further warnings will be given just exclusion , this will last for a period of 6 months (for a minor infringement it is at the Admins discretion to suspend you for a further 14 days or to permanently exclude , a major infringement such as abusive behaviour , posting photos without permission or consistently refusing to use considerate English will always mean exclusion).

    Language - You may post in your own language but must post in considerate English below that post ( this means keeping swearing to a minimum , not using texting short codes [ lol is the only acceptable one allowed ] , no Sexist / Racist / Bigotted or Abusive posts ) but you may use Babelfish or WorldLingo to translate your post , Doric and dialect in the Life Onboard ship / Members faces Gallery only ( if Doric is used in the galleries or forum you must post in considerate English below it ).

    Yellow/Red card offences : Uploading Copyright images without permission , Abusive postings in comments and forum , Not using considerate English ( there are 2 sections of the site set aside for non-English ) on the site , Excessive/Gratuitous Swearing ( there are children on this site and although there will be some swearing we must ask everyone to refrain from gratuitous swearing ) or using Sexist/Racist/Homophobic comments - the site would be in a lot of problems if a complaint was made about these last 3 so we must not allow it i'm afraid , public criticism of Moderator or Admin decisions , setting up multiple accounts , allowing a banned member to use your account will normally mean your own account being suspended or banned

    Links - relevant Youtube good, commercial/porn BAD.

    Multiple accounts - A no no. One member one account.

    Respect the Admin and moderators, we're human too. If you have a problem with a decision you must raise it with the moderators or admin direct by PM , it is not acceptable to publically complain about decisions or the sites rules.

    Registration problems - we'll help, just give us the correct details to work with.

    Uploading guide. GIVE IT A NAME please , the date and place is important too and always remember you MUST have permission to upload any photographs you did not take yourself

    The only language allowed on Trawlerphotos is English , there is the Life Onboard / Members Faces Gallery for non-English , as this is an International website with all ages from 8 to 80+ and both Men and Women swearing/sexist/racist or discriminatory/derogatory language is NOT allowed under any circumstances. Personal attacks on other members is NOT permitted and any posts in that manner will be deleted without explanation. Please remember that "friendly banter" will be there to be read by people who might not get the joke.

    Links to Websites
    There are threads in the Forum for links that are relevant to the site. ONLY post links related to the Fishing Industry please and NO Linking to Commercial Websites or Businesses we will be starting advertising soon and anyone that wishes to advertise on the site can contact the Admin for information. Posting links to YouTube footage is permitted under the photo of the boat in question provided it is only for that boat and there is an explanation beside the link.

    Multiple Accounts
    This site has a one member one account rule. Anyone found operating more than one account will be removed from the site and not permitted to rejoin. Anyone who has been excluded from the site that rejoins will have the new account removed without explanation or discussion. We retain IP numbers and the reason for an exclusion and reserve the right to report persistent offenders to their ISP.

    Respect the Admin and Moderators
    The Admin and Moderators on this site do so in their own free time and are volunteers , they are only human and we can all make mistakes at times but even if a mistake has been made it is NOT permissible to make a public attack on any of the Admin/Moderating team. If you have a problem with the actions of one of the team alert the Admin but remember to be civil. Sometimes a photo may be deleted by accident or because it is a copy that should not be on the site. If you have a photo deleted for not following the guidelines it would be better to admit to that than complain ( Ignorance of the sites rules is never an excuse, they're the rules the Site has to live by ).

    Registration problems
    When you first register please make sure that you have entered your current Email address correctly. This is very important as you will be sent an Email with instructions on how to complete your registration so that you can post photos in the galleries and comment in the forum.
    If when you register you don't enter the correct Email address and the system Email gets bounced back to us it is our policy to temporarily "ban" the account. Do not worry , the "ban" comes with an instruction to Email the Admin on the site. Send in the correct Email address, we will change the incorrect version and un-ban the account by sending the confirmation Email where it should have gone in the first place. We will try and get your account switched on within 24hrs

    Please take a moment to read the following short guide, as it contains important information about how your images are used and stored here at Trawler Photos.

    By uploading images to the Trawler Photos gallery you agree to the following:
    1. Any images uploaded to the gallery are either your property, or you have permission from the image owner to upload the images for display at Trawler Photos, ie. you have the 'right' to upload the images for display.
    2. Photographs uploaded will be shared with the and websites ( used in a smaller resolution which helps pay for the upkeep of the site )
    3. Images scanned from books, magazines newspapers or similar published sources / internet websites may not be uploaded - unless you own the copyright.
    4. You may upload images, allocate them to a specific gallery, edit the accompanying text (title & description) or delete your images at any time.
    5. The Trawler Photos Administrator & Moderators may also allocate images to galleries, edit accompanying text (title & description) or delete your images as the requirements of the website dictate.
    6. Your images may be used within the Trawler Photos site as general images for such things as web page headers, or to illustrate articles.
    7. Your images will form part of a collective backup on a regular basis to protect the content of the Trawler Photos website. This backup will remain in the possession of the Administrator and will not be transmitted to any third-party.
    8. Your images will have a small watermark applied to them in the form of the Trawler Photos logo and name. This watermark is unobtrusive and is non-permament, being overlaid as the image is displayed on the viewers web browser. The original image is not changed in any way.
    9. Acceptable image formats are *.jpg and *.jpeg only and the maximum size is 1024x768 pixels. Bitmaps (*.bmp) are not allowed due to their large file size, but are easily converted to any of the other formats using any reasonable graphics application.
    10. Your images are relevant to the subject of the website.
    You should understand that:
    1. Trawler Photos is purely a hosting medium, and has no claim to any of the images contained within the gallery, other than the limited on-site use outlined in point 4 above.
    2. Your images will not be used on other websites or transmitted to other parties without your written consent.
    3. Your images will not be sold, either individually or as part of a collection by Trawler Photos.
    4. Your images will not be altered or defaced in any way, other then where deemed necessary for graphics requirements for use on the site (as noted in point 4 above) and for the application of the watermark as noted in point 6 above, although this does not alter the original image.
    5. The maximum image size that will be displayed on the Trawler Photos gallery is 1024x768 pixels. If you upload a larger image than this then the server will resize it to the gallery maximum size. Smaller images will not be affected.
    6. If you have multiple images for upload then they may be uploaded as a single item within a compressed ZIP file. The maximum file size for the *.zip file is 3Mb, any larger than this will cause the uplaod to fail.
    7. Any images not deemed suitable for the subject of the website will be deleted and an email sent to the member explaining the reason for the deletion.
    8. Offensive image material will be immediately deleted and will result in the offender being banned from the website.
    The information given above is subject to review and alteration at any time, although your rights as image(s) owner will not change.

    Please remember to follow the instructions in the Email that will be sent to you to activate your account

    1. Photo Naming Conventions
    The galleries and their "search" function will only work properly if members give titles to the photos they upload. It's even better if descriptions and details can be entered in the spaces provided when photos are uploaded, but these can be edited in later. The important thing is recording the facts of the photo.
    A short title (ie. Accord BCK262) and to include the port and date ( year if an old photo ) will enable the site to find your photos when other members are looking for the subject of your photos. A short description of the image is desirable, but not a requirement. Please do NOT place large copyright marking on an image , small (c) markings are ok so long as they do not cover the vessel and in all cases images with markings linked to outside websites or other commercial companies will be deleted , this is to ensure that the site remains as it always has as a resource for our members and not used by others to advertise outside websites.

    2. Multiple Images ( of one boat )
    If you have multiple images of the same boat then please create a separate personal gallery for those images rather than upload them to the general gallery. This is done by following the 'My Albums' link near the top of the page and then the 'Create a new Album' link. To see some existing personal galleries follow the 'Personal Albums Index' in the 'Member Galleries' section of the gallery. Look at an existing personal gallery to get the idea of what information should be entered in the description.

    3. Website Help and Image Searches
    The site occasionally gets emails asking for images of particular boats, or asking for help in uploading images. The best place for these types of query is the forums, they're the place where you will get the fastest response - from folk who know. That's what they're here for, so never feel that you can't ask a question. Just think on this...if you're struggling with something, then someone else may be too, and by asking the question and having it answered makes both the question and response visible to everyone in future. The guys that best know how the site works are those that use it continuously, so ask them!

    4. Copyright issues.
    Uploading photographs that you did not take yourself can cause the site serious problems if you do not have permission to do so. Copyright lasts from the date of the photograph being taken until 70 years after the photographer has died. For simplicity's sakes if you did not take the photograph yourself ( or one of your family ) and it was taken after 1960 , then you will need to check with the Moderators first before uploading the image. Images lifted from other websites will be deleted without explanation. If a member continues to upload photos they do not have permission to upload then they will have ALL of their photo's removed from the site. If they then upload further images they don't have permission for they will be banned from the site. This may sound draconian I know but breach of Copyright can lead to the site being forced to shut down and I think we all would prefer that didn't happen.If you suspect a photo on this site is not posted with permission then you MUST alert either a Moderator or Admin , do NOT post under the photo and do NOT use the PM/Email system to challenge the poster , leave anything like this to Admin/Moderators to deal with as that is our job

    5. Image size
    This website is configured for an image size of 1024x768 in .jpeg or .jpg format. Please edit your images to this size to make sure they upload. Larger images normally do not upload properly i'm afraid.
    Images of vessels at extreme distance which do not show the vessel except in a very small size should not be uploaded to the site as should photos that are out of focus. There are 1 or 2 on the site showing how close the trawlers fish for Squid but they are linked to the large photo's of the boats concerned to show the vessels clearly. If you upload an image that is smaller than 600x400 then unless it is of a vessel with no other photo on the site it may well be deleted for being too small to show sufficient details.

    6. Posting Links
    Posting links to other commercial photographic websites ( and to any website that contains Porn / Violence / Drugs / etc ) is not allowed and will be deleted by Admin or Moderators. Posting links under a vessel to a film on YouTube is permitted provided it shows the subject vessel in the Photograph and is clearly described as such.

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    Update to the Acceptable Use guidelines guys

    Language - You may post in your own language but must post in considerate English below that post ( this means keeping swearing to a minimum , not using texting short codes [ lol is the only acceptable one allowed ] , no Sexist / Racist / Bigotted or Abusive posts ) but you may use Babelfish or WorldLingo to translate your post , Doric and dialect in the Life Onboard ship / Members faces Gallery only ( if Doric is used in the galleries or forum you must post in considerate English below it ).

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    For our Scandinavian members please use the following online translator


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