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    Guide to image uploading
    Select the gallery button from the menu bar at the top of the screen and then the 'Upload Photo' link on the gallery page.

    The Upload Photo page will appear and is shown in the image below with each of the sections numbered. The descriptions for each of the numbered sections appear beneath the image - scroll down to see them.

    1) The Category Selection Box. Please choose the gallery that best fits your photo. If you have set up a gallery for an individual boat leave this as members galleries and select the gallery using the list at option 2
    2) Only needs to be used when using one of your own galleries , If you haven't set up an album of your own, no worries, ignore this space.
    3) Image Selection Box. You may upload 1 image at a time by selecting the image using the Browse button and choosing the image from its location on your PC. Alternatively you can place a number of your images for upload into a ZIP file and simply select the *.zip file from your PC using the first of the browse buttons. Please note that the size of the ZIP file should not exceed 3Mb.
    4) Photo Title Box.Please use this box, a recommended title is the boat name and reg number and provide any other information in the description box ( the next page allows you to enter all relevant details )
    5) Description Box. A description is not essential, but it's better to provide at least some idea of where the boat was and when, or what piece of equipment is in the photo. Any description is good, but if you can add a "where", a "when", or a "what" , that's better. You can always come back and edit it another day.
    (just below (5) )Keywords Box. The additional terms that may be useful to someone searching for the subject of your photo ( needs to be filled in on the page after this section ).
    6) Submit ButtonBefore clicking on this button remember that this certifies that you have the 'right' to be uploading the image.
    7) Extra Options. If you have uploaded images to your directory previously, but not yet processed them then you can check the box here, hit the submit button and you will be taken to the processing area, as if you'd just uploaded the images. In addition you can opt to receive an email if someone leaves a comment on one of your images.

    User File Limits. This gives a summary of your allowances on Trawler Photos.

    Images on Trawler Photos will be displayed at a maximum size of 1024 x 768 pixels. If your images are larger than this then they will probably be rejected by the server when you try and upload them. To save yourself time during uploading, and to help the server processing load you should resize your images before uploading them making sure that the photos are in a .jpg format.
    If you have a lot of images then there is a Windows program I'd recommend for doing a lot of images in one go. The Visualizer Photo Resize program is free for personal use and is available from:

    It's also a good idea to rename your photos to something meaningful, rather than the basic file names given by most digital cameras. I can recommend an application I use to rename a lot of photos in one hit. Rename Master from joe joesoft is free and is available here:

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    The smallest image that can now be uploaded is 640x480 as images smaller than this are too small to see the vessels clearly.

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