in such cases would there not be recourse against the publisher of said book or postcards? so what difference between a picture and oh lets say the written word? would i need to write please don't quote me at the end of every post to prevent this? but why would i? just because i think its lazy writing and don't use it doesn't mean others can'tm personal preference.
i'm not trying to make a case for those that take others work for their own ends, tho why anyone would think it profitable to do so on ebay i don't know? who would buy these cd, not members of this site surely? not when theres a very good chance that the photographer is a member, likewise any other such site. if its postcard firms then surely they have a legal responsibility regarding such things, i'd hate to think that some spend their free time trawling gift shops looking at their postcards to see if their pictures are being used. though i'd enjoy demanding their removal just for the halibut.
it would seem theres no answer to this problem, if your going to steal pics having to become a member is not going to stop you, you'll just have to adopt the baseball bat approach if you feel that strongly about it, either that or release your own range of postcards or stop posting pictures , but thats no solution as you say you've suffered in the past, they must have got them from somewhere, though i'm not familiar with any other site other than SN, but then this site was well over a year old before i ever heard of it quite by accident. if you feel strongly that members only is the only way to protect your pictures and this is true then by all means we should all support that option.
think i'll use that theory for my own ends to ensure that my own words from other sites are never again distributed among members of this or any other site, now i know who the culprits are, tho not who they are, that i'll leave to the admin of the other site as they have requested.