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    Default Lots of older pics

    I 've just been able to get a negative scanner, and will be scanning a lot of pics from 1977, mostly around north Shields and the NE coast, the quality might not be the best , as these negs are at least 31 years old. it's the only album I have left since moving to Australia in 1980, I wish I knew where the others were. These early pics were taken with a russian Zenith 35 mm (All I could afford).Hope I don't bore you all.

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    Default Makem Old Negs

    Hi Makem, You Certainly Wont Bore Us On Here Especially With Pics. Of Boats From 30 Years Ago,most Of Which Wont Be Around Now So Be Good To See Them Again, Thanks For Sharing Them With Us.. Jonah.

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    Don't worry about the quality, most of my pics are taken with an ancient Zenit. It's nearly as old as me!

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    The old photos your uploading are excellent mackem and us older members look forward to seeing them. Thanks for sharing them.

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    And some of the not so old too like them keep em coming

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    Will upload a few more later in the week , it takes about 3 mins a neg to scan them have another 41 ready to go . It's time for bed here in Australia,

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    Really enjoying your old pics, Mackem.

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    Cracking posts mackem, thanks for posting them, spent two summer holidays in at Shields in 75 & 76 iirc.

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    Default Bored?..I don't think so.

    If your definition of the word "bored" is "thoroughly enjoying looking at black and white photos of Shields and the boats of the 70s" Makem,then yep,I sure have been bored !!...great pics,please keep on boring me !!

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    Thumbs up thanks bud

    just like to say thanks to the makem (first time in my life) for bringing back some great memories.I quit fishing 16yrs ago and you have made me wamt tm go back the morra

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