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    Common ground may be possible but your post was not the way to do things. From my side I see that a section was set aside just for local language in the forum and I cannot see why you choose to not use it. Other websites would ban members out of hand for not using English here I prefer not to ban unless I have no choice.

    If this is the type of reaction that the previous Admin was receiving then it will not be allowed in future. I have read the post that you deleted and had the new yellow and red card system been in place you would have been put on a warning under that system. I was already asked by Kev Munro about allowing Doric in the members faces section and was considering it but your type of post makes it difficult for me to allow it now as I will not allow site policy to be made under threats.

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    excuse me but i was threatening no-one, how would that even be possible, i deleted the post as is my right because of your previous post, the fact that you posted while i was writing mine would make my post look atagonistic which was not what i wanted to gert across, therefor i deleted it. you are the one setting policy under threat, not me, i don't set the policy.

    as you are pretty new to the site there might be things that you were not aware of and resent the implication that i behaved in a manner that was anything other than respectful to Mr. Tait. Its a sad world when a site created to bring together fishermen from all over the world, allow them to chat to one another about whatever they feel will allow them to bond and befriend others in the same industry, should act in such an abrasive manner to some. i do see your point, i understand the intention of the policy, all we ask is to be allowed to be able to post in a relaxed manner within a section of the site. you point out that there is a place sat aside for such dialects, which brings up another point whats with all this doric stuff, i've never seen any? the whole point is thatmembers like to react to a particular pic when it is posted, if they were restricted to using a thread in the forum section there wouldn't be that common bonding factor, it would just be a series of messages, no cohesion, no pics to refresh the topic or conversation, as you might notice that thread hardly gets used, not because members don't want to post in it, but because its a soulless empty page, the pictures regardless of what they depict are an integril part of the banter. why is this so hard to see? i know a good thing when i see one and this last two weeks have been a good thing, i've noticed a lot of new members posting this week, i know why, why can't the owners.

    i'm not trying to be unreasonable, quite the reverse, i only say what many think, your previous posts would put many off expressing their opinion for fear of retrebution, not the kind of atmosphere to encourage new members.

    many thought Mr. Tait's behaviour was personal his leaving gave me no pleasure, neither does this and i'm sorry if you found anything in a post i immediately deleted so that nobody read it and got the wrong idea, perhaps i should have let it go, stop banging my head off a brick wall and go and watch the football

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