Monster tuna caught on rod and line
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Thread: Monster tuna caught on rod and line

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    Default Monster tuna caught on rod and line

    A GAME fisherwoman from New Zealand has hooked a record-breaking 411.6 kg (64 stone) Pacific bluefin tuna.

    But Donna Pascoe canít sell the fish, which would have sold for around £2 million, because it wasnít caught on a commercial vessel.

    Pascoe caught the monster using a 60lb line just off the Three Kings Islands in New Zealand in an epic four-hour struggle.

    She is awaiting confirmation from the Game Fish Association, but her catch is thought to be the largest ever Pacific bluefin caught with a rod and line.

    She intends to have the fish stuffed and mounted as a memento of her incredible achievement.

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    Wonder what bait they're using... probably not the rubber eels I've used in the past...
    The Cabin Boy.

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