steel catamaran cif 312 "kalia ua" - whare is she gone ?.
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Thread: steel catamaran cif 312 "kalia ua" - whare is she gone ?.

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    Default steel catamaran cif 312 "kalia ua" - whare is she gone ?.

    hello all yez,this is the first time i put a topic up here so im hopein it works ok,firstly do i have to say to any of ye that do reply,,,thank you for bothering,nice one...i hope some one out there do know some thing about the vessel in question,the " kalia ua" was her name back in i think 2001 or 2002, not realy sure,thing is,i viewed her wit a view to purchase,but it didnt work out,ie,didnt have the money .4 weeks ago today thur 27 feb i lost my own boat and im hopein to be replaceing her some time soon,and thats the reason im researching the kalia ua,i thought she was a fantastic craft to wind up here im asking, do anyone out there have any info on the kalia ua,a steve chick was the owner then,i have his number since then but unfortunatly the 2 numbers dont exist anymore,ive tried a random search tru the telephone director useing the name chick but any number listed in cardiff under the chick name turned out not to be the gent i met 12 year ago.heres hopein some of you good people might have some info on her,,,thank you for your time,looking forward to any replies,thanks again,bye....

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    KALIA UA became NEW VENTURE CF312 in 2004. 2012 NEW VENTURE CL 12 (Carlisle). Hope this helps, sorry no contact. She was built 1999 Barry.

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    thanks very much Mike,greatly appreciated,at least its a deffinate bit of info to start off from,so far any line i took all come to an end...thanks again Mike,ur a gent,chow kid...

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