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    Recently I was asked by Keith Williams, the manager of Hartlepool Fish Quay, if I would create a website for him.

    The site is now up and running and we are always on the look out for suitable photographs of vessels with the HL registration, or of vessels photographed in Hartlepool.

    Credit would be given, if requested, if your photographs are used.


    You can get an idea of what we are looking for if you visit the History page.

    Please contact me through this forum if you believe you may have something suitable for us.

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    My grandad billy clarkson, whitby. built a coble for hartlepool called 'Friarage', i think ive got some pictures of her.


    shaun clarkson

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    It appears I did not see this reply.

    My apologies.

    Anything you'd like to send it certainly would be worth seeing please.

    You can contact me direct at stan@stanlaundon.com

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