Hello! I would like to show you a model of a trawler that I made with a "Lego CAD program":


It is not a scale model, but rather some details have been exaggerated for playability for kids! I made it as small as possible -- the mini figures are too large in comparison to the boat, since I would like it to become a real official Lego set, and furthermore not a too expensive set!

Because the thing is, there is this site called Lego Cuusoo, where people can put up concepts for official Lego sets, and if their concept gets 10 000 votes it might become an official Lego set. And I put forward this model there...

Here is the link to this trawler on the Lego Cuusoo site. There you may watch more images of the interior and play functions of this boat, and if you really like it you may even get an account there and vote for it! -- But that is completely optional, of course... but maybe you have kids who would love to play with a Lego fishing boat set?! Because the thing is -- there has never been any set modelling a commercial fishing vessel in the whole of Lego's history!

I would also appreciate comments about whether the picture on that page where the trawl is out, is somewhat correct, if yet simplified. Because I'm no expert on trawlers, but I'm sure that you folks are such experts!

Thank you for your attention!