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    As above, I can get into the galleries but when attempting to drill down to the category that I want, all I get is a blank page, despite the system telling me there are over 5,000 photos. This actually started when the site went down with a trojan.

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    Yes I am much the same and have given up being able to view the galleries. I will need to get on soon, to check when I resume my models but haven't done anything about it. Also after the site went down. I always notice the 'resent' and not 'recent' heading...but who am I. If there is a wider problem re access it would be good to know as I have assumed it is just me. Best wishes to everyone.

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    There's been a problem with the gallery's not showing if there's not been any photos uploaded in the previous 24hrs

    Try doing this , click on "Recent Photos 1 Day" , scroll to the bottom to where the search options are and set them like this

    Sort By : Last Comment , Timeframe: Beginning , Order: Descending , then click on search ( that'll clear the screen ) then go into the gallery you want and see if that makes it show if not click on advanced search with the following settings

    Scroll down to the gallery you want and click on it to make sure there's a blue line through it then click search and that will show the top 500 photos in that gallery

    Still trying to get the settings fixed nothing more I can do with the access I have ( and even if I could get more access I don't know anywhere near enough to make the changes to the site software to make it change , probably crash the whole thing... )


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    That is weird Davie, but it works OK for me.


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