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    Default north yorkshire coble

    i need to build a north yorkshire coble....

    i have done a bit of research on line and got basic line drawings and measurements...( fine for what i need anyway) - the boat wont exactly be exact in scale as its being made in an unusual material butr i need some input and images to make a generic style of model,

    but i still need a good source of pictures of a boat upon which to base my model, does anyone have any contacts or sources i can contact ?- i see there are a few images on here already

    i was looking for more detailed images on something a bit like this...

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    few pictures in:

    soemwhere I've a link to a site that is just the boats in whitby, will hve to have a hunt for it, might even be in the links section on here

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    thanks for that, its the site that i posted the link to for the initial image... i've seen the site, will look for the link for the whitby boats site...

    i may just have to jump in the car and go take a look for myself- i was born in scarborough so its time to go back and visit and call in on whitby, robin hoods bay and the likes, its just the rediculous price of fuel that puts me off, its a fair old drive from heathrow up there !

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    try this one, not whitby but amble (I think)

    some useful pics though

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    thanks for that too......

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    I have some plans for this coble. They were published by Model Boats.
    If they are of any help??

    Best of luck


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    yes they may be just spot on, any chance of a copy, i will of course reimburse any costs to you for photocopy/ postage and the likes...
    i will send you a pm....

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    Default Coble plans

    Guy, did you ever get your coble plans ?

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    no, not had anything ?

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    Hi Guy - what are you looking for exactly. Are you interested in Yorkshire or Northumberland built cobles, sail or motor, cabin no cabin or canvas dodger, foredeck or no fore deck, harbour or beaching coble, type of gear, etc. Are you interested in fully replicating their structure as well as their lines or is it, as perhaps suggested by you original message purely a outward representation of the coble design you are attemping to model? Cobles are all very discintive and while superficially looking alike they were all built by eye without detailed drawings and to relected local conditions as well as the new owners preferences. Subsequent owners would then alter and change the original boat to suit their needs. Cobles are individuals in the true sense and very adaptable. That is why the type survived in the North East.

    As well as a lot of pictures of all these types of cobles on this site I have a number that I have never pubished. Some of those I have posted show the lower hull lines of quite well, including one I posted of the coble JANICE's shaft tunnel (a most comlicated wooden shape) others concentrate more on the above water shape. Also if you have a specific boat in mind I am sure there are members who could conduct a more detailed photo study.

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