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    thanks for the response, i have been watching the images you posted recently with interest.....some great reference material !!!

    i will give you a general overview of what we are doing , as you may know i am responsible for the model building at LEGOLAND, we build model villages depicting areas of the UK and europe in LEGO bricks,

    we build 'scale models' in LEGO, - so these models are not 'shelf queen' models designed for exhibition or competition use but hopefully detailed models as accurate to scale as we can in our chosen material !- its childs play really !

    we have built displays of edinburgh, the south coast, wales, the west country, also dover and felixstowe ports, also padstow harbour and similar- we have also done things like new york, and amsterdam.....

    we are currently working on upgrading our ' north' cluster..... as i was born in Scarborough and spent my formative years living in teeside i was given this area to upgrade...but that means fisihing boats too :-)

    we have picked out some of the landmarks in that area including the transporter bridge, the angel of the north along with other historical landmarks and also architectural and cultural icons from the area....

    but enough of that, lets talk boats !

    we need to upgrade the boat models for this area too -and the boat i immediately thought of was the coble.... i remember seeing these in whitby and around robin hoods bay as a child, so they need to be depicted... we Must include these !

    i suppose the image i have is of a coble wih a foredeck, motor, with a small cabin covering the helm.... the cobles i remember as a child and those i have seen on this site are all generally bright colurs lending themselves to a great LEGO model...

    as for yorkshire or nothumberland coble then i am not 100% sure- showing my ingonorence but is there a huge difference? would our visitors notice,

    in theory either would be representative of the area we are trying to depict- (its a little sad but the 'north' area in our model village emcompasses everything from the scottish border down through tyne and wear, cleveland, north yorks, and down to about hull !)

    we are looking for an outward i say we are not making exhibition grade models !

    as for the next step, to be honest i am looking for some images , also some rough ideas on dimensions of a 'typical' vessel- i appreciate each is unique and sizes do vary - but we need a basis from which to scale from and to work up some hull build drawings in you can imagine these are stepped and not smooth- ( see my trawler in the images section for examples of boats in lego !) the other dimensions which would be useful are roughly how tall the cabins are from say waterline, typically rough sizes of key features of the boat, also what would be a common layout so as when we come to scale these key items then everything is roughly in proportion ( or as near as lego bricks allow ! )

    would you be able to help in any way with this ?

    thanks in advance

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    Guy, Check you private mail.

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    yup finally checked it ...oops - have repsonded to you

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    Default coble???

    Hi there and hi mackem1946, hope to get the billings Eteplas plans soon and thanks for responding to my cry's of help, Iv found that if you look at www. you get to see a few local port hope this will help every one ,, I'm also keen on building a coble with a wheel house once the Etaples is finished , and a chap at Tynemouth model boating club, which Iv just joined has a real belter of a model coble .

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    Default Re Northumberland harbours

    Gary, Have checked this site out numerous times, the pics don''t get updated very often.
    Thanks anyway.

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    hey scooter, any chance you can get some pictures of this 'belter' coble ?

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    Default ebay

    Hi Guy
    I was browsing on ebay and I came across a coble hull its 36" by 8" only 1 bidder bidding time ends in two days i think, heres some photos

    Hope this helps
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    yup its a nice hull - again needs plans to complete !- i think i might buy one of those !

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