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    im new here so ill take the chance to say hello i live in Ślesund norway and a couple of weeks ago i saw this boat norma mary with an aberdeen fishing number i was wondering who owns her i worked out of aberdeen for several years and cant think of who would buy this ship

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    Davie Tait Guest


    Hello Ron and welcome to the site.

    The Norma Mary is owned by Samherji of Iceland thru their UK Flag operation Onward Fishing Company based in Aberdeen. They now own all of the UK distant water trawlers and the associated quotas.

    They now own the Norma Mary , Arctic Warrior and the remaining 2 ex-J Marr distant water trawlers.

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    Default thanks for that

    hello davie sad days in aberdeen eh! i remember when i could lift my gear in the morning signe on a new one in the afternoon and get a sub to boot sad

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    Davie Tait Guest


    Very true Ron. I started going out in my summer holidays aged 5 on my families boat the David John A169 and I can remember seeing point law full of trawlers from 60ft Sputniks , the 87ft Spinningdales to the 118ft scratchers ( sidetrawlers ) and the couple of bigger sidetrawlers left ( Grampian Princess is the only one I remember the name of , well her other name was the shytecatcher for all the rubbish whitings he landed lol ). You go down point law now and if your lucky you'll see one boat the rest lie beside whats left of the market.

    They built a brand new market 20 years ago and its been demolished and replaced by the Ice Factory. The Cross market was rebuilt into a chilled market in the early 1990's and there is only 1 section of the other market left. On a good week there is 5,000 boxes landed in Aberdeen when 20 years ago we were getting 12,000 a day in the middle of the summer.

    Sad days to see an industry destroyed for a purely political reason ( keeping Spain quiet about Gibraltar , every time Spain kicks up about getting sovereignty our fishing fleet gets decapitated yet again ).


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    Quote Originally Posted by ron hansen View Post
    im new here so ill take the chance to say hello...
    Just thought I'd say hello and welcome to the site Ron

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    Default david john

    hello davie ithink i remember the david john she not the same type as grampian eagle and the cairn [the bowmans) i sailed a few trips with young john on the eagle great sea boats but bit short of space if you had a frap on deck

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    Davie Tait Guest


    Same class Ron as Johnnie Snr & Jnr's 2 boats. I've got a couple of photo's of her on here. My Grandfather was her first skipper , Davie Jack , then my uncle George Jack had her till we sold her in 1988.

    As for short of space , well definately if you were pairing lol. When we paired up with Stuartie in the Albannach we had a Jackson 475 pair trawl stowed along the side deck higher than the rail !!! made getting to and from the foredeck "interesting" lol.


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    Default big nets

    aye davie its a pity the quotas didnt keep up with the gear getting bigger and bigger i mean

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    Hi Ron, a wee question for you, is the Bredero Norwegian Coaters pipe coating facility still going in Alesund?.

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    Default hi blues

    i have never heard of bredero but just to make sure i looked in the phone book nothing i always thought the shipyard here liaaen did most of that work sorry cant help more

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