The herring industry, from the men on the trawlers to the fish girls on the shore gutting and packing the fish.

'The Rose' was built in Selby in 1924 at Cochrane & Sons shipyard. She was a Great Yarmouth steam-drifter (YH 69) until the war, when she was taken by the Royal Navy to serve as a naval ship. Amongst other services during WW2, she was used as a fuelcarrier in the invasion of Normandie under the name "Adelphi".

She was sold to Norway in 1946, and she was renamed "Nyborg". She got a new engine in 1950, and a new wheelhouse. She also got a new wheelhouse after an accident in 1969. She was then sold in 1997 and was renamed "VŒgsfjell", and was in service as a cargoship until 2007. As of 2010, she has been acquired by a collector to preserve her as a historic ship. [Information supplied by Sten Cato Nordsaether Feb 2012]