No opening credits. gvs skiers (.21) group of people pony-trekking (.52) shots of golfers, fly fishermen and rock climbers (1.48) sea scenes with title superimposed. Shots of countryside (4.20) c/u man digging and checking soil (4.50) gvs laboratories of Aberdeen's Soil Research Institute (5.22) general shots of fields (6.25) c/u two farmers checking the barley in a field (6.49) general shots of combine harvester at work (7.00) c/u Aberdeen Angus cattle (7.15) wide shot of field (7.38) general views of technicians and students at work in a lab. (8.04) general shot of cattle (8.30) shot of fishing boats heading out to sea (8.45) general shots from fishing boat and fishermen at work on boat (11.00) c/u instruments (11.15) night shot of fishermen at work (12.20) fishing boat arriving at harbour, possibly Aberdeen (12.45) fish is unloaded from boats (13.05) c/u of men loading fish into barrels (13.16) fishwives checking and gutting fish (13.36) c/u of fish being dyed and smoked (14.25) shot of a woollen jumper being pressed (14.44) gvs engineers working with precision machines (14.45) gvs of people watching a flute band (16.41) gvs children at play (16.58) general shots of villages and towns in north-east of Scotland, with shots of children playing football in street and crossing at a zebra crossing (17.42) schoolchildren entering a school (17.51) ext. King's College, Aberdeen (18.10) c/u tree and panning shot of trees (19.10) general shots of a river with ecs superimposed (20.00)