Description: Herring fishing at Yarmouth, showing the quayside teeming with life and workers taking a well-earned break. Includes Scottish fisher lassies hard at work cleaning, gutting and packing fish into barrels.

Original title missing.

Henry E. Fisher, film producer of 31Soho Square London, began collecting films in the 1920's. His collection of film from 1895 - 1920 - some several hundreds of reels was variously offered to NFA and other bodies in the second half of the twentieth century, but eventually ended up in the 1970's Bundesarchiv, Berlin. Ca 2004 it was transferred to IWM Film Archive London. SSA was offered first pick of materials relating to Scotland that appear in the collection after IWM had selected for their own preservation programme.

IWM ref 1208 / 258 - 2
Could possibly be HERRING HARVEST AT YARMOUTH p.c. Barker 1910.