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    Hi there,

    Last week I bought myself a new Lathe. An Emco 5 from Austria

    Itīs a little bigger than the first one and I can say it was a real bargain!

    Due to te very good weather here, I am not building very much so report will take a while.

    Regards, Kees

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    very funny nhp, i suppose you have a scenario for the present one getting broken? come to think about it, its plastic and you fill it with chilled water so it won't break no matter how hard my head might be!!!!!

    i think i might have inadvertantly mentioned the lathe idea on a good day, might even get it bought for me instead of paying for it myself!!!

    nice lathe by the way, was looking at that model myself, apparently all mini lathes come from same factory in china, dealers just rebrand them

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    Default laithe vs rolling pin.

    you have to think latterally, quiet waters, when trying to prize something out of 'er indoors.
    Tell her that you've heard that such rolling pins as she has have been proven to be a hazard by H & S and you would gladly take it off her hands to convert into a liferaft cannister, but if you were to have a laithe, you could make her any amount of said safe wooden pins of varying sizes as she wishes.
    If she doesn't have you committed on mental health grounds, she'l buy you your laithe for the b****y cheek of you.
    trust me it works??!!

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    fatal flaw in that plan, she has never used one, i do all the baking in this house, she just bought me a new 10mp digital camera so i'm pushing my luck, i'll need to at least lose a finger on the homemade one i have which is a drill clamped to the worktop, with a teardrop decorators plumbline which has a very sharp steel point in a vice at the other end, takes half an hour to set up, works fine for five mins, then collapses if you lean a bit to hard with the chisel. i'm banned from the shed just now as i was painting the outside of the house and my hands and feet have blown up to three times normal size, combination of out of control diabetis and my MS, i always think i can do more than i actually can, then do it anyway, i'm great as long as you don't stop me working, if i pause for a breath the body realises its fecked and packs in on me, i nearly took the boat i'm working on with me when i hit the floor while cleaning paintbrushes in the shed on saturday, i chose to just clout my heid rather than break the frames trying to grab onto the worktop to break the fall, a wee lie doon and a couple of choccie bickies and i was brand new well brand new ish

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiet waters View Post
    nice lathe by the way, was looking at that model myself, apparently all mini lathes come from same factory in china, dealers just rebrand them
    No this is a real Emco and is made in Austria. This is why I want an Emco and not a chineese clone.

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    Default bf 500 info

    hi kees thought id to try and help with ya new project
    try shipdata.nl click browse vessels uk register
    choose bf and look for her registation no luck with
    the fr 927 only found fr 928 which is called ocean poineer?
    hope this helps thanks again for photos Tom

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    Hi Tom,

    At this moment I allready have two sets of plans. One set I got from Martin and one from Macduff. Martin also send me a great cd with a lot of photos on it. So I think I can start building now.
    Thank you for your reply.

    Regards, Kees

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    what a nice model

    did you make all parts yourself?

    and what is the information you need of this trawler

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    Hello Rob.

    Yes I did make the parts all by myself. Simply there is nothing what I can buy in store so I am forced to make everything by myself.
    The building of the dutch trawler is delayed now because of several reasons, but I will start building again soon.

    At this moment I dont need any info about the dutch trawler because I have allready all the plans and a lott of photos.


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