I have owned South Star (launched North Star) since 2004 and have brought her back to sea going condition. She was in a sorry state back then and the work required was extensive. You can see more at the National Historic Ships website.

I have found out some history as to her build and launch but cant find a jot about her fishing past. She was ordered by JC Edwards and WJ Smith of Buckie and was a seine netter. She cost 5991 plus 224 for extras. I think she fished up to 1967 and was converted by Herd & Mckenzies into a private vessel for Capt O m Watts who kept her till his death in 1985 (i think). A guy called Tom Lane owned her (1994) and a series of silicone savages....

I would love to find out the bit in between so would really appreciate any help that can be offered.