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    Someone was asking about Skagen winches a while ago.

    Reply was that Jensen winches were made in Skagen up to 15 years ago
    Company was Andreas Jensen & Sonner(sons) which was basically a 2 barrel winch.

    Hope to get a few photos from Skagen

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    hi bill, it was me that was asking about the skegan winch, i've tried to find pics of the particular model i'm after but have had no success, sadly i don't have decent pics of it on the boat so i had resigned myself to having to build it from scratch completely from memory. hope my memory is as good as i think it is, it had friction brakes with ferrodo type pads on the band that screwed down onto outer edge of the drums, this particuler winch was belt driven off the fore end of the engine, with a jockey pulley arrangement.

    i've more or less finished the winch now, all i have to do is remember how the guide on gear trolley was attached to the main body of the winch, i've only just remembered there was a safety rail on the guide on side, can't remember how it was attached either so i've put it aside till i do, or i next meet my uncle who was aboard her for 17 yrs and being engineer and winchman will have a better memory than me. the only time i ever looked in the direction of the winch was to shout, either to him or at him, depending on wether i was aft watching for the doors or in the wheelhouse in command.
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