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    Quote Originally Posted by Davie Tait View Post
    I'm not getting the google malware message today so hopefully the rest of the browsers will be clear by tomorrow now.

    Its good to be back.....
    Google now allowing access.

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    I too should like to offer my thanks to Davie and the team for what to them must have been a nightmare in getting the site back up and running again. Well done! I was begining to suffer withdrawal symptoms........LOL I was also spending too much time on Ebay! (Wife; "Buying mair crap for that bloody boat!") No sense of humour that woman..........!!!!!!!!!! LOL Mind you i didn't get as bad as poor 'Donegal Bay' and end up on tractor web sites.........LOL Welcome back everybody and again well done and thanks.
    Aw da best.............Rab

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