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    This idea could be placed in the trawler-modelling section as well:
    There are some very nice digital sound-devices for the modeller, which may be loaded with individual sound files of the prototype boats. I would like to suggest a collection of sound files (.wav or .mp3) of main engines, auxilary engines, horns, seagulls, winches, horns,..... anything that can add to the realism and atmosphere of a model. With all those modern gadgets such as cellphones, cameras, digital walkman it should be possible to collect some typical sounds just like the fotos in the gallery. As many of you are on location in harbours or on boats that should be a farily easy task.
    I've been searching the internet for appropriate sound files, but they are either costly or they don't sound like the real thing.

    fishnchips (from Austria)

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    Davie Tait Guest


    That is an excellent idea. Cheap MP3 players with speakers are very easy to get hold of to build into a model to provide the sound. We can't host MP3 or WAV files on the site but i'll look into some of the online hosting sites to see if we can set this up.


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    I've got a massive library of royalty free sound FX, if there's anything vaguely specific I'll have a look and can stick it up for download. Run my owner server network so space is not a problem

    A good source of royalty free sounds is click the sounds link

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