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Thread: Jasmine CN110, Nobles, Girvan 1958, job No.28

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    The book that i mention was a softcover A4 size, one of the series of Maritime Monographs and Reports, published by the National Maritime Museum. It went right tho the building process of one of their boats (can't remember which one), backed up with pics. Alex was in many of the pics, usually wearing a trilby. Also had a yard build list in it. Tried a search on abe books, but nothing listed there.

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    met my uncle while out doing some shopping today, he told me he had been speaking to peter noble at the weekend, he has a holiday home in peninver a small village about five miles up the road to carradale from campbeltown. pity i hadn't met him beforehand he might have been able to shed some light on the book, that said "uncle peter" as he is affectionately known by some never mentioned to my uncle that i had been loaned the plans to the jasmine, obviously he didn't get to share the bottle of whisky i sent to alistair noble, he would have mentioned it if he had.

    started work on the winch yesterday, it takes a lot of thought when you only use materials that you have in the shed, i'm determined to only buy what i can't make myself. i'm using leftover UPVC that i've had in the loft since i got double glazing fitted about 8 yrs ago, that and bits of leftover trim from the conservatory build. the drums are an old reel for fusewire which i cut in half, and the decorative ends off a wooden bookrack or something that i had knocking about. the body is the trim for keeping the glass in place on the old doors to my conservatory which blew in during a gale last year. just the guiding on rollers to add and the brake bands. the hull planking will have to wait till i rewire the upstairs lighting so that i can floor my loft (wife's idea!!!!)
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