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Thread: Some praise for the site - and a request

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    I received the following email a little over a week ago, and have since had permission from the sender to make the details available to all (sender details removed).

    I would like to give some feedback regarding the use of the site by viewers.
    I am in the RAF involved with Nimrod operations at RAF Kinloss. This morning our Image Anaylst (looking at Nimrod taken ship photos) came across BF101.

    The DERFRA documents that we have and the DEFRA website did not list the vessel. I mention this site to him and he searched for it, found it and the fact that it had just changed hands (and names). We are, very much, involved with maritime search and rescue and up to date photos and info, like your site has, is invaluable.

    If any of your members are reticent about others viewing or downloading site photos,then the answer is quite simply - one day it may well save someones life.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    I think this demonstrates that the site is more than just a 'hobby' site and that real and valuable use can be made of it. Many thanks to those members that have made the effort to spend their time uploading photos and information!

    Now to the request. The above search would have been useless if the name/PLN of the boat in question had not been supplied when the image was uploaded. The additional information that Davie Tait supplied regarding the change of ownership was obviously of great importance too.

    The majority of photos have the name/PLN in the title field of the image, but there are one or two that don't. Can I please ask those that have uploaded images to double check that the boat name/PLN (If known) is listed in the image title, and not the original photo file name (which is commonly meaningless where a search is concerned).

    Many thanks to all contributers to the site

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    Davie Tait Guest


    I've uploaded all of my recent photo's Dave and i'll be going back into the descriptions to put in all the info I can about the vessels. As far as i'm concerned the RAF can copy ALL of my photo's onto a laptop for access in the air if they wish for recognition and assistance in SAR operations.

    Davie Tait

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