Tarbert Fishing Boats 1925-75
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    TARBERT FISHING BOATS by BRAIN WARD. This book is a must buy if you like photos of old ring net skiff as my father called them. The book is full of photos and history of Fishing boats registered in the port of Tarbert over this period. A great interest to me was in the appendix were Mr Ward had drawn the bows an sterns of boats built in the various Scottish boat yards. This would help any novice to reconise what boat yard had built any of these old boats. The book 12.99. ISBN 0-9542804-5-8 can be purchased from Dalriada Books from Ardminish Press. Isle of Gigha. PA41 7AD www.ardpress.co.uk
    Bruce Buchanan.

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    Yes, second that. good book, Bruce. Are you through at the 3 Harbours festival with your models again this year, Bruce?

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    Default 3 Harbours Fest

    Hi Graham, Hope to take a few over. Reaper is over for the weekend of the Gala so will hope to be on the crew.
    Bruce B

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    Might bump into you there again then. i have a talk and slide show to do there one night, dunno which night yet.

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    Default 3 Harbours Fest Port Seton

    Hi Graham,
    Look forward to that.
    Bruce B

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