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Thread: Wanderer III BA66

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    Default Wanderer III BA66

    Can anyone tell me if Wanderer III is still fishing. I think her home port was Ayr.
    Bruce B

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    Default wanderer

    the wanderer is still fishing still called the same but now ins think its 121 but no certain bruce she is owned by the boys main that had alkaid last i new

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    Default Thank for information

    Thanks jammy & Kev for information. I have just started to build a model of her. Great photo.
    Bruce B

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    Bruce, i think i might have an old photo of her up on the slip, ill see if i can dig it out and scan it and get it up. Cant remember how good it is tho.

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    Thanks Kev that would be a great help.
    Bruce B

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    what a bonny looking boat, bruce. looks like Campbeltown built?

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    Aye Graham, Campbeltown built. Thats the photo uploaded Bruce,


    Its quite far away but if you save it you will be able to zoom in a bit and get a closer look. Maybe somebody else will see this and have a photo of her up on the slip to help you.

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    i'll ask and see if anybody has a pic of her in her days from kenny and davi gibson paintd light blue at the time

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    Yes I agree she is a nice boat. The plans I have for her are excellent and have a lot of modeling detail. They were drawn by one of our our member's (Trawler Photos) James Pottinger. I only hope I can produce a model boat worthy of his drawings.
    Bruce B.

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