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A salvage team has successfully removed the wreck of a fishing boat from waters off the coast of St Kilda.

The Spinningdale ran aground on rocks near Hirta, the biggest island in the St Kilda archipelago, during storms in February 2008.

There had been concern the presence of the rusting hulk could harm St Kilda's delicate environment.

A team of eight from Spanish contractor Semac Salvage has now completed moving the cut up trawler onto pallets.

They were sent to St Kilda in June by the National Trust for Scotland, which owns the world heritage site.

The pieces will be sent for recycling in North Queensferry next week, weather permitting.

The National Trust for Scotland said the only visible evidence left of the wreck was a rusty stain where it ran aground. It is hoped that will soon be washed away.

There had previously been concern that rats from the Spinningdale could invade St Kilda, threatening internationally important colonies of sea birds.

Fears were also raised the fishing boat could lose thousands of litres of fuel, and contaminate nearby beaches.