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Thread: Spinningdale ashore on St Kilda

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    I agree there , the likelyhood of the Spinningdale having rats onboard is very VERY slim indeed as the Spanish companies know they have to keep the boats clear incase they get inspected by the UK inspectors and that the Spanish people wouldn't eat their fish if they even suspected that rats were aboard a boat.

    No I don't think there would have been rats onboard , just SNH and the greenie brigade making trouble again

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    Default Blown out of all proportion

    The news keeps on twisting it slightly to make it sound at first listen that rats have escaped onto St Kilda, when there is no proof and the probability of them being on a boat this size must be pretty damn low. And to be fair to swampy and his mates- they probably just thought they had better check just encase, the media then got a hold of it and blew it up, now some empire builder in an office has set off the maroons and hey presto a nice wee story to winge on about to fill a few columns and waste some time for the next few weeks! When that ro/ro landing craft went up on the beach in village bay a few years ago nobody mentioned a rat!

    Surely the fuel oil should be sorted out pronto?

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    Fuel's all leaked out of her Donald. The fuel tanks in the Spinningdale ( the entire class ) are in the floors of the Engineroom 6t per side with a 1t day tank up in the top bulkhead as high up as possible in the aft side of the enginroom. The way she was being pounded on the rocks the bottom side tanks would have been ruptured within 10-15 minutes so the only fuel she will have left onboard will be in the day tank. The bad weather dispersed the fuel within a couple of hours , the only good thing the bad weather did !!

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    Pity there are no members on the island, first rat ashore, that would be a February photo of the month.....

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    you've got to remember people SNH and the RSPB's interests come first and foremost with SNH and the RSPB, lots of publicity for them, few extra donations from the chattering classes in surrey, another reason to ask for more lottery money, and gives them another stick to try and beat the working man with.

    whats saddest of all is that give it 3 months and then try get the media to say to them "so how many rats have you found then and are you pleased to wasted all that soddin' money" they'll not be interested and snh wouldn't talk to them if they were

    ho hum, come the revolution!
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    Judging by the battering she's getting there won't be much left to see shortly. There are some spectacular pics on the MCA website.

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    Photos on the MCA website,



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    I saw this photo on the M.C.A webb site

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    Thats where its linked from seanetter , it will disappear if they remove the folder.


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