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    GEORGE LOU N at Whitehaven Wednesday 07/12/2011.
    A RNLI lifeboat crew from Workington joined the Whitehaven Coastguard in their efforts to evacuate an injured crewman from a trawler which was pinned to the harbour’s wall by 65mph winds and rough seas.

    The man had suffered serious facial injuries while on board the trawler.

    A spokesman for Liverpool Coastguard said that paramedics and firefighters were on standby at the harbour as the fight to rescue the man from the boat continued into the morning.

    The operation was made particularly difficult by the strong winds and a 10ft swell which prevented the man being lifted directly on to pier, said the official.

    He said that the RNLI lifeboat hoped to attach a line to the boat so that it could be steered away from the inner harbour wall and then escorted into the harbour where the rescue could take place.

    The Coastguard spokesman added: “The injured man on the boat is in not too good a way, but there’s no way they can get him off the boat in the inner harbour as the boat is pinned against the wall by the strong winds, with the water rising and falling by about 10ft.”

    The man’s injuries, which are thought to have been caused by a mooring line, are not life-threatening.

    The boat at the centre of the incident is from Scotland.

    A spokesman for the Met Office in London said gale-force gusts of up to 65mph were experienced across the county this morning, along with heavy showers.

    The wind and rain are expected to ease this afternoon before returning tomorrow for yet another wet and windy day.

    First published at 11:34, Wednesday, 07 December 2011
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    A tie-rope broke and whipped back and caught one of the eight people on board – a man believed to be a Russian national – in the face.

    A host of rescue services combined to evacuate the injured crewman from the Scottish trawler which had been pinned to a pier wall. The operation was made particularly difficult by the 65mph winds and a 10ft swell.

    Workington Lifeboat towed the boat from where it had been moored at the North Pier, through the lock gates and into the harbour itself, where the man was helped from the boat and into a waiting ambulance.

    He was transported to the West Cumberland Hospital for treatment for what were described as “serious facial injuries”. A second man was treated for shock.

    The crew remained on board the trawler – The George Lou’N – in a clean-up operation following the incident.

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