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    Can anyone help? I have seen on model ships and boats that the boards behind the navigation lights are either green for starboard and red for port while some are painted black. I have been told that the correct colour for these boards are now black but long ago were they painted green and red. I seem to remember my father's boat being green and red. I'm building a model of a steam drifter and would like to know what would be the colour of these boards. BB

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    Default navigation lights

    they would, on a steam drifter, have had a background of green and red.
    It was not until some time in the 80's (I think) that under international maritime navigation laws that the backing boards on such nav lights was changed to a black background.
    some of our more informed members will know of the exact date, but your early steam drifter will be just fine with red/green backings.neil.

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    Default Thanks for your help

    Thanks Neil for your information. I will now get on with the painting.

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    It's blackboard black nowadays, Bruce, as it may not reflect any light.

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    Hi Barend,
    Thanks for information. I was told some time ago that the boards were changed to black but I had no idea why this was. BB

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