Help Save Studland Bay from the Conservationists
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Thread: Help Save Studland Bay from the Conservationists

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    Default Help Save Studland Bay from the Conservationists

    Studland Bay, Dorset is under threat from becoming the UKs first Marine Conservation Zone .
    It is one of the South Coasts most important sheltered anchorages for small craft but various conservation groups including the Marine Conservation Society , Dorset Wildlife Trust and The Seahorse Trust want to ban the locals moorings and anchoring within the bay because they allege they are damaging the seagrass beds and threatening a colony of seahorses recently found there.
    I am a local and my family have fished the bay for over 100 years so I don't believe any of this propoganda . Its a well known fact that seahorses are attracted to moorings and manmade structures so best leave the bay alone as it always has been.
    You can follow our battle on FACEBOOK at SAVE STUDLAND BAY or look up STUDLAND BAY PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION blog spot for some of the back ground.
    Only 5 seahorses have been found in the bay this year ,compared to an alleged 40 when this rubbish started 3 years ago. I believe the same two would be conservationists were responsible for the restrictions on scallop dredging and trawling within Lyme Bay a few years ago.

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    we have the same problem on the i o w,why wont it sink into there thick heads that if fishing or moorings did so much damage then how come all this marine life is still there.

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    This is happening all over the UK, so untill our gutless government has the balls (which they dont) to stand up for us I'm afraid they're be more and more of this to come!

    All in the name of EU directives!!

    The greens know they're onto a winner so dont bother trying to negotiate with these idealist's, what we all should be doing is carrying on in the same traditional way that all our previous generations have done before, a bit of Churchill spirit or before long and bit by bit we're be driven out of business.

    Our big worry is the way the law has been changed and used to beat us, the odds are against us and we're not the best folk for agreeing on much but time is running out!

    The MPA coalition seems a good idea and at the moment our only chance of any hope, but faced with such unprecedented threats to our way of life it may well take a bloody war!!

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