looking for trawler ARM12 "vier gebroeders"
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Thread: looking for trawler ARM12 "vier gebroeders"

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    Default looking for trawler ARM12 "vier gebroeders"

    does anyone here know where dutch trawler ARM12 went after it was sold to england in 1967 ?
    it was built in 1963 in Breskens and owned by R. van Belzen from arnemuiden, netherlands.
    it's name was "vier gebroeders" (=four brothers).

    this is an image "cut" from the double-8 film my father made in 1965 on board, for him an unique trip, of the fishing, selecting and cooking of shrimps.
    the picture below is found on shipdata.nl, made by B. Caljouw.

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    I think this vessel was the Jan Erna that was sold to Grimsby, IOM, Fleetwood and Ardglass in northern ireland, finally decommissioned i think. The guys with the old olsens might give more info with dates.The jan erna was a van de sande build. Thinking again this one could be the Zuiderzee that ended up in Newhaven as the Jan Erna i think was bigger and had a 190hp Kromhout.
    Can't remember but I am now sure this is the Zuiderzee.

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