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    I joined the forum a couple of months ago and haven’t posted anything until now.

    I live in Eyemouth and I’m in the process of shooting a year long photo documentary on the harbour and all related fishing businesses. There are a few questions I would like to ask.

    If there is anyone who could help me in my project especially if you know any retired fisherman with good stories of Eyemouth’s past then please contact me

    If Eyemouth is linked to other harbours for any particular reason I would also like to know.

    Also as I am progressing with my project I would like to post various pictures onto the website for all to see. What section would I post them as they will not be just fishing vessels but portraits of the actual fisherman and there boats etc plus various photographs of the industry surrounding Eyemouth?

    And should I have posted this in another forum?

    If anyone would like to see what I have done so far please follow the link below and go to the “Work in progress” section

    Thank You

    Kevin O’Brien

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    Evening Kevin

    I can't help with stories around Eyemouth but can assist with the galleries on here.

    There are a number of categories within the gallery.

    Boats are all self explanatory, Over 10m, under 10m, decommissioned vessels from particular countries, converted boats etc etc all by country of registration.

    There is a gallery for life on board and members faces as well as fishermen through the years.

    Further categories for ports, fishing gear, maritime art, as well as other 'general' maritime photos etc.
    If you upload and feel you need to move or edit the image thats quite simple too!!!

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