Bridlington tourists targeted by chip-stealing seagulls
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Thread: Bridlington tourists targeted by chip-stealing seagulls

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    Default Bridlington tourists targeted by chip-stealing seagulls

    Fish and chip shops in Bridlington have put up signs warning customers about being attacked by seagulls.

    Seafront chip shop owner Justin Carpenter said he was now losing money because of the number of chip thefts.

    He said he was giving out more free bags of chips in compensation for the ones stolen by the birds.

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council said they were aware of the situation and warned tourists not to encourage the attacks by feeding the birds.

    The council said: "This is not a new phenomenon, it's part of being at the seaside.

    "There are a lot of young seagulls around at the moment that need feeding which could be making the situation worse. Our advice is don't feed the birds and don't drop litter."

    Mr Carpenter said that the attacks were affecting his profits.

    "The seagulls dive-bomb them, just take their food and there is nothing you can do about it," he said.

    "So the customers come back to us and we feel obliged to give them the food to reimburse them, and that's us losing money."

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    Reminds me of the time I was in Looe with the family, got sandwiches from a wee Sandwich place made to order near the sea front , so went down to the beach to enjoy crab sanwiches and the next thing ,my daughter was crying her eyes out she had her sandwich at her mouth when a gull swooped down and nicked it and drawing blood from a two year old , couldnt help but laugh , god am a bad dad

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    The sh8thawks have been taking live weans in Oban.

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