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    sort of an update to the saga over 'Chary' BCK 243, been trying to buy the thing, despite its faults but very strange, too many people declaring an interest in ownership and non of them keen on getting her dried out to really see what the damage is, ho hum, sad, as the old girl had kinda won me over, so whilst not totally dead in the water so to speak, there's another one caught my eye, a millers ring netter, circa 1943, 49', been well looked after and dry as a bone.

    under the name 'hyperion', don't know if it rings any bells with any one, don't know any registration numbers at this point, but the owner has several bags of paperwork going back donkeys years, just not got my grubby mits on them to have a look yet. Posted a picture: http://www.trawlerphotos.co.uk/galle.../1727714_1.jpg

    the back third of the wheelhouse is recent(ish) addition that much I do know, Gardner 6LW (I think)

    any one recognise her?

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    Default hyperion

    hi m8 is she lying at royal quays in north shields? She used to fish out of sunderland years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by billydial View Post
    hi m8 is she lying at royal quays in north shields? She used to fish out of sunderland years ago
    Aye thats her, was used as a dive/fishing charter for a while, but not done anything for a while. Was curious about her history when she was working thats all

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    Default hyperion

    Aye mark just rember her during the eighties trawling in sunderland shes been lying up in the marina a while now doing nothing.

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    been given:

    1934 as SH97;
    1970 CT 10;
    1975 WA27

    if they mean anything to anyone, don't know about name changes though

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    I'm sure i've a photo of her being INS reg, will have a rummage and see if i can find it.

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    Ally you're a star!! Don't think I've ever come across a site with so many people that actually know what they are talking about as opposed to the 'experts' you come usually across

    I love this place!!

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    Default Re Chary at Sunderland

    I used to go on odd trips, when she was owned by John Weston out of the north dock at Sunderland, Other crew were Jackie Price from Whitburn, and Alfie ? . I've got some pictures of her, around 1974 -76 . Will get them out of storage , along with the Edgar March books , when I move into my new house at Easter.

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