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Thread: Proposed HM Coastguard Cuts

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    Default Proposed HM Coastguard Cuts

    Good Morning

    What do you guys think about the proposed cuts in the Coastguard service?

    For more details see:

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    It depends on how much technology they are willing to rely on I guess. They are looking at using the stations in use just now as relay stations I think using broadband pc links hooked up to radio and radar equipment. If it works properly it does mean that the system will be at least as good as now BUT if there is a problem with the local phone exchange or the pc's they use go offline then whole sections of the coast will be left without any cover at all so overall I'm against both this plan and the plan to stop the emergency tug provision.

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    I think most fishermen are against this idea due to the amount of coast having to be watched ,, how do you explain some of the wee lochs in the west coast to someone sitting in Aberdeen a big mistake as there arent enough fail safes to stop the systems going down better keeping all five in Scotland as the highest percentage of coastline is up here

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