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    A brand new edition of the ‘At the Fishing’ dvd series has been released today and is a compilation filmed at sea by fishermen recorded onboard a variety of different types of fishing boats.

    As well heading to and from the fishing grounds there is also footage of hauling and shooting the fishing gear, as well as sorting the catch onboard the various vessels.

    Included in this dvd, 'At The Fishing Volume Eleven' is footage recorded onboard fishing vessels from various ports in Orkney and Shetland as well as vessels from North East Scotland.

    Fishermen are shown fishing using many different methods, from a small single handed inshore creel boat fishing for lobster and crab, to gill-netting for monkfish and other species. Whitefish boats, pursers and seine net boats also feature.

    The Shetland seine net boat Zepher LK 391 is filmed at sea on a trip in the in the mid–1960’s. The Shetland purser Azalea LK 193 is filmed at sea in the early 1970’s, and the Lerwick registered Shetland whitefish trawler Auriga LK 902, is shown back in 1998/99’s as well as landing at Aberdeen fish market. The Shetland registered gill–netter Ocean Star LK 252 is seen on a trip in 2004 catching monkfish, cod and other fish.

    The Shetland section of the dvd also shows footage of a protest against quota cuts recorded in 2001. Dozens of whitefish boats are shown taking part in the demonstration, which saw the boats steam to the Sullom Voe area of Shetland.

    Also contained in the dvd is footage recorded onboard the Inverness registered pair seine vessels Advance INS 77 and Andromeda II INS 177.

    Inshore creeling also features in the dvd as there is footage of the Orkney single-handed creel boat Lea-Rig K8 which is shown fishing in the Kirkwall Bay and Carness area earlier this year fishing for lobster and velvet crab.

    The dvd, which has a running time of 74 minutes and costs £18.99 is on sale online on the website or by mail order direct from Craig Taylor, 11 Hatston Park, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1UB. Tel: 07802 440068.

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    it is very good

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