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    a nuclear submarine hms. ASTUTE. has ran aground off skye, between broadford and the skye bridge.
    not living up to its name..
    it went the wrong side of red navigation bouy!!!!
    its only a couple of hundred yards off the shore!!!
    how do they manage to be so incompetent with úthousands worth of navigation equipment aboard amazes me......

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    Wheelhouse windows are blacked out

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    Aye they were testing putting bodies ashore probably at Ashaig air strip seems to be a favourite place ,, just as welll the soon to be mothballed CG Tug is there to get them off again

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    They managed to get her off the beach just before 6 by the looks of it , wouldn't want to be the captain officer of the watch or the navigation officer of her , my guess is all 3 will be taken off her tonight once its dark. If they remain in the navy I guess they will never step foot on a sub again. Looks like they are taking no chances and are going to tow her to Faslane for inspection but the only place , as far as I know , they can really do much with her is back at the builders or around at Rosyth

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    Heard they are takin her through the canal to Rosyth.

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    had to laugh at the news last night, when it said the submarine had a sonar with a range of 3,000 miles.
    strange it couldn pick up the shore at 300 yards????????????
    or the bottom at 3fathom.....
    our navy is turning into a joke,
    between aircraft carriers that cant have planes etc.
    anybody wanting to attack britain ,must be saying the time is right,
    but then
    again what would anyone want this 3d world country for????????
    do they not have a simple thing such as an echo sounder totell them the depth theyre in????????

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