Mara Media Ltd., owners of the Irish Skipper publication and the Irish Skipper Expo are delighted to announce the launch of a new fishing exhibition for the Scottish fishing & processing industry, Scottish Skipper Expo 2011, will be held on June 24 & 25, 2011 at the AECC (Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre).

Having run and built up the very successful Irish Skipper Expo over the past six years, the organizers (Mara Media) were approached by various suppliers and fishermen within the Scottish fishing industry with a view to launching a new exhibition in the heartland of the fishing industry. It is envisaged that the new exhibition will offer an opportunity for all businesses, small and large to exhibit and promote their products and services direct to the industry. By choosing Aberdeen as the location, this will place the event within a short distance of the main fishing ports.
As a two day event (Friday & Saturday), it also allows exhibitors and fishermen minimal time away from their workplace.

Speaking on behalf of the organizers, Sharon Boyle (Sales Manager) of the Irish Skipper said, "we are delighted to draw on our years of experience in the fishing industry to put an event together that has the backing of the Scottish industry." Having built up close relationships within the industry over the past ten years, Sharon and Hugh , both from fishing backgrounds are confident in running a show that will bring a great business dynamic back to the industry.

James Masson, Manager (Notus UK)
"Having been a frequent exhibitor to the very successful Irish Skipper Expo, I am delighted that Sharon and Hugh are bringing their expertise to launch this new event in Scotland. I have already booked my stand and look forward to working closely with them."

George Youngston, Sale Manager (Seatronics UK) "Seatronics UK are delighted to be onboard with this new event, as having exhibited at the Irish Skipper Expo, we were very impressed with the passion and knowledge being brought to this new event and wish Sharon and Hugh all the best with their new venture. I can confirm that Seatronics have already booked a stand.

Danny Gallagher , (KT Nets)
"As suppliers to both Irish and UK pelagic fishermen, we are very happy to give our support to this new exhibition and look forward to exhibiting and networking at the show."

Allan Pedersen, (Thyboron Trawldoors)
"I am delighted with this new fresh show being organised by Hugh and Sharon. They have spoken at length with me in regards to the show and we are really looking forward to Scottish Skipper Expo.