The Lune Deep: Ocean secrets revealed
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    The Deep: Ocean secrets revealed


    EXPERTS have thrown light on a hidden world beneath the sea off Fleetwood.
    Lune Deep, a 13-mile-long trench created in the last ice age 20,000 years ago, is described as an "Underwater Grand Canyon."
    Four kilometres North West of Fleetwood, it provides a home for an array weird and wonderful creatures and Natural England has created an internet video to give the public a virtual journey into the area which is deep enough to swallow Nelson's Column.
    Now they are bidding to have it classed as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).
    The two-minute film on YouTube has been created using cutting edge techniques and seabed mapping data.
    The three-dimensional images have helped to identify special habitats that are vital for marine life.
    The Lune Deep is a relic from the last Ice Age, a natural channel scoured into Morecambe Bay by melting glaciers over 20,000 years ago.
    Due to the depth, turbulent currents and muddy water, it has been previously impossible to see what the Lune Deep looks like.
    The film shows the rocky reefs, cliffs and steep slopes of boulders tumbling down to the bottom of the channel and the home these provide for creatures such as squat lobsters, dead man's fingers, the peacock worm sea anemones.
    Natural England's Regional Director for the North West Liz Newton said: "The Lune Deep is an important feature of our coastal heritage, and this film provides a fantastic opportunity for the public to be able to explore it with us."
    SAC's get special protection under EU directives but can only be put in place after consultation with local interested parties.
    In this case that is likely to include local inshore fishermen, anglers and United Utilities who make highly-diluted discharges into the area.
    The area is an important feeding ground for migrating salmon and has been highlighted by the Salmon and Trout Association.

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    I always thought the deep was formed by the outfall of the Lune. Anyway, there are a lot of things down there, it was used as a dumping ground for pyrotechnics removed when servicing ship's lifeboats as well as munitions after the war.

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    and a few stoves, pots, pans, bobbins, fishing gear, and anything else that lads could throw overboard to delay a "trip"! for another 12 hours or so whilst they were replaced, lol

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    Lune Deep is not 13miles long ,the actual Lune Deep area is 3miles long.

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